As history, art and English enthusiasts, we grew up loving DC long before we moved up here from Florida after college. Now having lived and worked in our adopted hometown for nearly 20 years (currently in West End), we are even more in love with this beautiful city, its incredible, generous people and its extraordinary and ever-evolving opportunities, than the day we arrived. It is an honor and a privilege to call ourselves Washingtonians, and we feel grateful and fortunate to be here every day.

I moved here two years ago without ever having visited. I hoped that I would like it enough to stay for ‘at least two years’. DC, I love you more than any city I’ve ever lived in. You have brought me so much joy, so much growth and so much strength. You have my heart forever.

I was born in DC at Providence Hospital and lived in DC until my parents moved the family to the suburbs. My Dad,a child of immigrants, grew up on Capitol Hill and used to call the Capitol grounds his playground. His father was a shoemaker ((Congressional Shoe Repair) , and my Dad would deliver repaired shoes to the members of Congress in the Capitol. If he were alive today, he would have been devastated, as we all were, to see his beloved city and the Capitol under siege. Although I now call Annapolis home, DC will always be my hometown.