I’m in love with DC.

Dear DC.

You are the warp and woof of my cloth. My childhood was woven from my parents' stories of the 1968 riots when DC grieved and raged after the assassination of MLK Jr, of the segregated schools from my mother's childhood that had been silently tidied away, or the excitement of driving through the fords in Rock Creek. DC child with the rather murky waters of Rock Creek flowing through my veins. Racing around the Cathedral gardens and the Natural History Museum rotunda. Visiting the elephants and pandas at the National Zoo. Ice cream and movies on the Avenue.

DC, you are me and I love you.

Oh my City, my beloved goofball city of DC, I truly do not have words to describe how much I love you. From the very first visit when I was nine years old, you made your mark on my heart.

When I see "The Alabaster City Gleam", I am overwhelmed with pride that I live here. I live in this beautiful, complicated, messy and glorious city.

So many things comprise you.

After over seventeen years of living here, with a brief and regrettable foray into NYC, I have barely scratched the surface of all that makes you amazing and I hope, that soon I can continue my love affair with you in person.