Really just a big town with all the benefits of a big city. During our time here I’ve loved seeing whole neighborhoods revitalized and a growing love of the diversity, culture, politics, music and history that is specific to DC. I always thought DC was a “transient” town but that is only a fraction of people who live here. The communities with deep roots here are nothing short of amazing and as new ones develop with a long term vision in mind it makes me realize that this city is here to stay and is probably more representative of the fabric of our nation than anyone outside the beltway can ever imagine.

Dear precious DC friends,

Sending you some Colorado love to wrap around you like a hug and a shield. We feel your light beaming from the sacred space you hold there for all of us. We hold you in our hearts! ❤️❤️❤️In solidarity, gratitude and love,Cherie & Charlie

I live here because my great-grandmother did, my grandmother did, and my mom did. This is home. Maybe Washington is a swamp (made so by people who fly in and out of it and never try to make it home) but DC is music, laughter, soul, culture, and joy. DC is love, plain and simple.