I love DC! From the kind and hardworking people who also know how to have fun to the amazing architecture and free museums, I love it all! I miss your bottomless brunches but I hope they will be waiting for us post covid!

Forever grateful for the home I have made here. From a college student trying to find my way, to an independent woman crafting a career advocating for immigrants. All the love and light to the people I have met here and have shaped me into the person I am today. Love trumps hate always.

Hey DC, I know this relationship we're in is still new but is it okay if I admit that I kinda love you? Beyond the monuments and museums (that I still pinch myself to believe I can walk to), I've found in you a heart of gold filled with resilience, hope, grit, creativity, and kindness. Thanks for welcoming me, letting me wake up with you as I run along the Tidal Basin and for allowing me to end my days with the beauty of your sunsets over the Potomac. Wanna go steady, 202?