Dear DC, You’ve given me so much. Lifelong friends, a thriving business in a powerful creative community, an adopted hometown, and endless inspiration. You’re often underrated but that’s alright, I selfishly want to keep your hidden gems all to myself. Your restaurants with fresh made pasta, the one with a five course dining experience, and even the dark dive bar that has been around since the dawn of time. They hold so many memories for me. Your balance of greenery, history, architecture, “big city” frel, and culture are truly something to behold. More than all of that, it’s DC locals’ undying motivation to lift each other up and support each other. This is what creates our unwavering sense of community. Stay safe 🤍 xoxo Sam

NY born + bred; DC finished + fed.

Maddy Beckwith

I didn't fall in love with DC the first time I visited, or the second, or the third. Somewhere between the fourth and the fifth visit, I was driving back to my aunt and uncle's house near Stadium-Armory and I passed Lincoln Park and the way the sun was shining through the trees made me call my mom crying because I was afraid to move so far away from home but I already knew I was going to land up here someday. I love the way the city looks in the morning. I love the way the light looks here. I love watching people take their kids to school and hustle to work and go for runs. I love the way this city runs. I wasn't a runner until I moved here. I love the way it kills me, the hills and the weather--sometimes the heat but mostly the cold. I love the way the city rewards you for your efforts: runs along the rivers, the National Mall, through Rock Creek Park, around Roosevelt Island. I love the way this city makes. DC is full of makers, rich in the sheer creativity it takes to thrive here. I love the way this city protests: with heart, with grit, with dancing, without ceasing. I love the way this city fights, the way it grieves, the way it remembers. I love the way this city love GoGo music and Mumbo sauce. I love the way that, if you love this city, if you care for it and fight for it, it loves you right back. I love the way that this city has helped me find the best parts of myself. I love the way this city loves me.

Madelyn- Good Letters DC