I feel like I grew up in DC. My mom moved here during WWII and worked for the OSS. She loved DC. My dad was in the Navy. They met and married in DC. Even though they moved away before 1950, I grew with stories of DC. When I moved here for a job, it felt like home immediately. When I walked around town, one of their stories would come to mind. I go to the same church my mom attended. No matter where I live, DC will always be home.

My whole life has been spent living just outside D.C. I have spent so much time with family and friends in the Nations capital. From bike riding around the mall, walking under the cherry blossoms, to enjoying all the landmarks and monuments for people who mean so much to this nation. As a die hard D.C. sports fan I will never pass chance to go see our teams. It was amazing to see the city join together to back our teams while we went for our championships in the past few years. The District has it all from the weather to the food and activities. It is such a beautiful city, and it is the best city.

My dear hometown, Although I am no longer living there, I still keep DC close to my heart. Miss the many landmarks around town. I have many friends who remain there, and look forward the day I can see them in person. I hope the future stays bright for DC. I also hope and the city remains vibrant and full of culture, history and hope.I might not be in the city physically, but a piece of my spirit remains there. Stay calm and love DC. Let's aim for Statehood! Love, Linda