DC, I love how you are loud and proud and yet you also contain these beautifully quiet spaces where there are shared moments with neighbors. When you wake up early to walk the dog in Bishop’s Garden and find your breath taken by the mist over the city. When on that same walk you meet a best friend from a different orbit who shares your love of our city’s architecture, nature and has a sense of humor about dogs who love to run in circles.Thank you, DC. We love you.

A little girl wearing bows and velcro on her feet

I remember hearing people full of laughter and joy Holding my parents' hand and hugging my toy The smell of mambo sauce filled my nostrils Leaving me satisfied while gogo kept my ears fulfilled You are so big and precious Giving me happiness and leaving me restlessI wake up everyday proud to call you home, oh so sweet Proud to know that my footsteps touched down on your streets

Dear DC.

You are beautiful. You are worthy of respect. You are the people's city. Never forget, you are the beacon of light. Let the light of love continue to shine on you.