DC, I miss you. We moved away 6 years ago, and are happy in our beautiful new physical location (with less humidity!), but flying into Reagan when I come back to visit always gives me chills. I grew up with you, and you will always be my home. You hold my happiest memories and my lowest times. You are my dear friend.

Moved to DC area in the late 90s. I have never lived in the city, however I have worked in the city for most of my career. I love the vibe of the DC area and the people. We are strong!

I’ve been privileged to live in DC for the past eight, going on nine years. Recent times have been difficult mentally and emotionally, but we are strong; we fight back; we stand tall.

DC is more than just politics. It’s a place full of rich culture, history and diversity in the form of its residents, restaurants, the arts and more. I am grateful for the many opportunities you’ve given me; grad school at American University, lifelong friendships, personal and professional growth, and travel, to name a few. DC will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you DC for some of the best years of my life. It’s been such a joy and I can’t wait for more!