I loved working down by the OEOB, jogging embassy row, the Hirshhorn, living in Dupont Circle. Standing in the Jefferson Memorial at night and reading the quotations. The great NW restaurants on 16th and 17th streets, all the way over to 14th. Adams Morgan. Not needing a car. Walking down 18th street to work. Free concerts at the Kennedy Center. Buying notecards in museum gift shops. A truly wonderful city to live in and explore. You'll bounce back!

Dear Washington DC,

I send a letter love to DC whenever DC is a place that is a capital with first light reionization. When I look up the geospatial map, I see the wide connection shape that creates a big symbol of marvelous stars from huge company buildings in DC transporting to all the properties in whole the country then cross over the world.

Thank you DC!

Dear heart of the nation,

May you continue to beat strong. As we move on from this period of heartache into unity, inspiration and glory once more, may our hearts beat again together as one unified people: strong, resilient, hopeful, clear-eyed and openhearted. DC may you always shine bright.

Love and All Its Verses,