24 Years and Counting

I have worked, lived, and loved within the DC hospitality community for 24 years and I couldn't have planned a more perfectly crazy adventure. The businesses that I have helped build, the neighborhoods and communities that I have been a part of, the friends that I have made, the business that I now own, and the family that my husband and I are raising are all because of what DC has given to me. DC is home. One of my favorite questions that folks would ask back in the day was, "Do you go down to the Mall and the Monuments every weekend?" No, I have a job and stuff to do. I live here and I do the things that you do where you live like go to work, go grocery shopping, meet up with friends, and do laundry, all the basic living life stuff. We LIVE here. I love you DC. Stay strong, stay safe, wear a mask, shop local, support small businesses, and treat others as you would like to be treated.

Jocelyne DeHaas

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