Forever Our Home

This coming March 12 will be our 20th anniversary here in the DMV. In October of 2001 I met a man in Telluride, Colorado. A place I have been visiting since 1989. We fell fast and hard and after 3 months and 3 dates (I was living in Boulder, CO, 6 hours away), he told me he got a job working at the Interior Department and asked me to move here with him. I didn’t hesitate and 3 months later when we arrived and then settled in, I looked up and thought what in the world have I done? I traded in my beautiful mountains, music festivals, and amazing friendships for monuments, a couple friends of friends, and a man I barely knew. Typical fly by the sight of my pants move. Sheesh. We came here for one year, that was the plan and I knew I could do anything for one year. Well, one year turned into three years, three into a marriage, a wedding and a reception on 19th Street at the Museum of the Americas. Three years turned into five, a new house in the best neighborhood this side of the Potomac (hey hey Del Ray I love you too), five years became eight with two toddling boys and a freshly built house that we moved in on the exact day Obama was inaugurated❤️. The next six years were a blur of motherhood and days that are long and years that are short. At fifteen years in I built Tulusa, my dream business and am able to spend my days making art that I hope gives a little joy wherever it lands. Now we are twenty years in. My beautiful boys are 15 and 13. They roam the city and know the buildings and the monuments, and have been to every museum there is. I love raising my family here and can’t wait for our world to safely open up again. I’ve never lived anywhere for so long and certainly never in one house. All of this to say that after I looked up from that first year of “what in the hell did I do that for” I found that my Rocky Mountains were replaced by monuments with their own beauty. I found a closeness to my family who lives nearby that I had never known. Our children are grounded, that mountain man that I met is still mine, and this city, on brighter days is filled with music and people that I’ve come to think of as my family. While I think of the west as the place I was “born” (actually I’m a PA girl but I hope you know what I mean) DC is and will forever be our home.

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