a decade: my city, my people.

Updated: Jan 13

I am one of the lucky ones, my work in community building- especially with the DC's entrepreneur community- immediately immersed me into the heart and soul of this city. Ten years ago, my first office was at the corner of 9 and U in an organization where I was a grassroots organizer and got to hang out with the coolest business owners in this city. Our conversations and initiatives were around entrepreneurial growth and social justice. We met at Ben's Chili Bowl where Peaches served us breakfast and Virginia (mom) told us about what things looked like during the riots of the 60s. I quickly grew to love this neighborhood and the rich history of Black Broadway. My work with BIDs and Main Streets allowed me to explore each of our other 7 wards-- all their unique eco-systems filled with amazing people, businesses and history. I fell in love with parks and markets and our access to the river. My most recent work with DC makers has me in touch with the most creative people in our city- people that use art and making to amplify voices and tell the story of where they live. I have spent the bulk of this decade in Adams Morgan, a neighborhood that is colorful and gritty and diverse. I love my neighbors and the characters that are fixtures on my streets. I have had conversations in grocery stores, Ubers and and sitting alone working at the bar of my favorite restaurant (pre-covid) with some of the most intellectual, interesting, caring, REAL individuals that I have ever met. You see, the city I love feels more like a small town. People are passionate and colorful and not afraid to share sugar with the person next door. I am blessed that I get to own business that has 5 brick-and-mortar spaces that show off our city's soul. We may not be a state (yet) but we are a community that comes together in joy and pain and to make a difference in our District and the world. So much local love to this city and its people, Stacey - co-founder of Shop Made in DC

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