Urban Time Travel

I love DC for its cobblestoned alleys and those little carriage stepping stones, and its lovely old townhouses and the spite houses in between them. I love it for its constantly churning population of outsiders who all arrive with a fire in their belly for change. I love that it is a city of nerds and student council presidents and strivers. I love that it is bounded by rivers, one of which you know the British secretly sailed up the last time the Capitol building was ruthlessly attacked. I love that we citizens of DC have as our rallying cry the same one that gave birth to a nation (although they continue to ignore us). I love that even people who aren't employed by the government intimately know its workings, and which leaders live where, and that people opened their homes to peaceful demonstrators, and that four years ago lawn signs declaring "Hate Has No Home Here" went up and stayed up and are up now. I love that DC is small and with a good set of walking shoes you can get from one place to another pretty easily. I love the secret patch of blackberries we found along the river. I love that everyone in DC willingly wear masks and apologize and cover their faces if for some reason they don't have one and pass another resident on the street. I love the dog parks and front porch cocktail parties with neighbors and annual block parties to clean the street. I love that we have free museums and wide open spaces, and that we know how to parallel park and always stand to the right on the escalator. I love our farmers markets and food halls and bag fees and waiting in line at the Fort Totten dump. I love that you can put your unwanted things on the sidewalk and they disappear to a new home that will treasure them. I love the Little Free Libraries and the mutual aid fridges and stumbling home from a bar in the wee hours and seeing someone already up and out for their morning run. It's like time travel.

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